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Audit services, due diligence

Transaction due diligence is an investigation by the investor or their consultants on accuracy and general character of the target company. The goal might be a potential subject for takeover, strategic partner, joint venture an similar. Most often the reason for due diligence is purchase of a company or a section of a company where the investor needs to know what are they purchasing and needs specialized experts to point out possible dangers in takeover and value of the takeover objects. Changes in management and supervisory boards in commercial companies, changes in public sector leadership positions where new or existing authority structures protect their interests can often be a reason for some of the due diligence forms. Due diligence is usually divided into: accounting-financial, legal, tax, HR and organizational due diligence and technology and know-how due diligence. We specialize in accounting-financial due diligence and together with our partners we also cover other due diligence segments.

Inquiry into operating activities

Inquiry into operating activities is a type of engagement with expressing assurance such as audit but with a lower degree of assurance than audit. It is suitable for smaller entrepreneurs because it is more economical than an audit.

Material accounting control

Performed per client request and differs from engagements that include expressing assurance in that a finding is produced that contains all irregularities found and not just those that are materially significant. It is useful for everyone who wants to be sure that their accounting is accurate and in accordance with rules and regulations. This service is equally requested by owners, managers and accountants for commercial companies, associations and units of national and local government.

Tax control

Includes engaging partners that do tax consulting. Control is performed with a goal of determining possible irregularities or insufficient documentation that might result in fines or interest payments and, consequently, produce difficulties for the client. It can be combined with material-financial operations control or engagements with expressing assurance which makes the service more affordable.

Spending control

Special service that controls purposeful spending of funds in an organization. Often used in non-profit organizations and projects financed by the World Bank or EU, as well as in local government and subjects owned by local authorities.

Business analysis

Business analysis is following the business effects with regard to planned or standard measures. Within business analysis we provide recommendations for further actions, based on the analysis itself.

Operating activities in foreign markets

With HLB International we are able to offer business services in over 100 countries in all continents. These are services from founding a company, bookkeeping services up to audit services. To our clients using audit services, package of services and other significant services our intermediary fee is not charged.


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